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Setting Expectations

Let’s talk expectations. What do sellers expect from buyers, and what do buyers expect from sellers?

Take a read through the following ad for a free hutch.



No I will not deliver!, if you don’t have a truck it will not fit in the trunk of your toyota tercel! No it’s not junk, it’s solid wood and is approx 200 lbs. No! I will not hold on to it to the end of the month for you! If you sent me a email sorry that I have not replied.
I did not expect 50 + emails and counting.

First person to email me that can come pick up on Thursday afternoon with a truck in Cowichan Bay. It’s yours leave me you P#.


top of hutch, free or its going on the burn pile in the winter. Too nice to hack up as its solid wood. I have no use for it. Sam if your looking sorry.

please email

I don’t know the whole story, and I’m not here to debate tone or wether selling an ad angry is good or not. What I am wondering is, when posting an ad, do you set the expectations of buyers? Should you write down things that may be common sense or are some of the expectations only common sense to you?


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3 Responses to “Setting Expectations”

April Vance

I think it’s a great idea to politely state what your boundaries are in your ad. But there’s no sense in p-ing everyone off before they get there…. manners could go a long way to getting your best price.



I would never want to deal with a seller this testy. However I do understand some of the annoyances: e-mails that lead to nothing, people expecting delivery, buyers not showing up…


D. Neis

… angry or not, I thought the ad was funny, especially since all of those things have happened to someone out there, and a few someones have probably had all of them happen in one shot!… gave me a giggle, and also told me not to bother since I only have a Matrix!


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