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Holiday Gifts: Do They Have to be New?

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping… I was walking through the mall the other day, looking for that perfect gift. It’s funny how, with so many stores under one roof, it’s still so tough to find that one item which you just know that certain someone will love. And then I got to thinking… does it have to be new? Does it have to come out of a store in the mall? Why not buy a used gift?

Here are some reasons why something used might actually make the perfect gift for your friends and family:

A vintage gift has memories.

Picture yourself receiving a gift from a friend. Picture the wrapping paper and bow, maybe a card. You open it up, and it’s your favourite toy from when you were a kid. You thought you would never see it again. And here it is right in your hands. And it takes you back. Now that’s a great gift. All you have to do is go on one of the sites and find someone selling it.

Adding a little glue and glitter can make all the difference.

Remember when you were a kid and you handmade all your Christmas gifts with finger paint and macaroni? Imperfect as they likely were, you can bet they were very valued by the receiver. Why not still create your own gifts? Find something used and give it a fresh coat of paint, add an embellishment or print a monogram on it. Give a gift with the D.I.Y. touch.

Why pay full price?

Need I say more?

It’s environmentally friendly!

By buying a used gift, you’re also giving a gift to the environment. Buying used keeps items out of landfills and also diminishes the use of all that packaging. Buying local also reduces the need for transportation and keeps those harmful emissions out of the air. Everyone wins.

Keep it in your community.

Buying something used not only results in a gift for your friend. You’ve also put your money into the hands of the seller, not a giant store. And, who knows, maybe they’ll be using that money to buy a gift for their friends or family. Now isn’t that a vision of a perfect circle in which neighbours are helping out neighbours?

Would you consider buying a used gift to give to your friends and family this season? How would you feel about receiving something used? Can you add to our list of reasons for giving used gifts? We’d love to hear your comments!

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One Response to “Holiday Gifts: Do They Have to be New?”


I’ve bought most of my son’s Christmas gifts from consignment shops where I can find great toys that are in good shape for a fraction of the cost of buying them new. And he will never know the difference. PLUS, no packaging to contend with on Christmas morning when he so desperately wants to play with his new toys!


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