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Guess: The Facebook Game

We thought we’d have a little fun and make a facebook game. Programming is fun? Well, it’s relative. Fun for the developers to make, yes. Fun for you to play, you bet!

You’ll now notice down the sidebar of our facbook page, there’s a link to the guessing game. Or, as an alternative way, you can save this link ( ) to go their directly.

Right there. Sandwiched between Photos and Feedback.

So how do yo play?

You get a title, image & category of an ad live on one of our sites. You guess the price. Rinse and repeat. The goal is to get as close the the listed price as possible.

An Image A title, and a category – that’s all you get. How much?

Which Site?

We’ve got a whole family of sites across the country so why would it pull an ad from Victoria if you live in Saskatoon, right? No worry – when you say “Yes Please” we pull in some location information from your facebook profile: the city you were born in, the city you live and the city you work. We use that to figure out which sites to pull from. That way you can be sure the ads are closest to you.


For each guess, the closest you get to the listed price, and the more you guess, the more points you get. When you get the most point, you top the leader-board and have full bragging rights. ( a “na-na-na-poo-poo would be ok from time to time on our facebook wall. )

Can you beat these ladies? I Don’t know. They are kicking butt!

How do you get Better?

As you guess we will start noticing patterns. Are you someone who guesses way to high, or too low? Under your history, you’ll see your last 15 guesses, which categories you guess best, your rank, plus a small recommendation.

What, I’m 12th? I think I can do better.

VS Mode

As your friends come on board and start playing, you’ll see their recent guesses under “Recent Players”. Click the title of the ad they guesses on to match your wits. You’ll find out if you beat them or not.

We keep you motivated like a drill sergeant on a rainy day

So start guessing and have fun. See if you can beat your friends. You may just be surprised how much people are selling their used stuff for.

Nick Kempinski is the leader of UsedEverywhere's social media efforts. Working with a team of writers to create this blog. But also works with great programmers to make all sites in the UsedEverywhere network more sharing friendly.

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