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The box stack (aka The Box Swap)

Update Aug 25, 2011: You didn’t like the change, so we’ve moved the boxes, but they are now on top of each other in one quick and easy view.

Get ready for a change to make sharing easier. Expect us to roll this out in the next few days!

Do you see the difference?

Technically speaking, our facebook & twitter share links where on the, um, how do I put this… clunky side ( like my photoshop skills ). Both giants of social media have build very sleek on-click wonders that show counts or add your likes to your wall. While they were speeding ahead, we have these links.

No More!

The new shinny way

There’s a few things to point out.

We moved Report Ad. It’s now right beside the title. Why? Having it under “share” didn’t make sense. Beside the title seemed a great place for it.

Drawing circles on laptops are hard

We swapped the Contact Seller & Share placed the share box underneath the contact box. Why did we do this? We tried various variations of where it should all go – and at the same time not push the picture you love so much too far down. And this was the one we said… “well that works!” Because you spoke, and we listened.

Added the Contact Count. We’re opening the doors to give you ore information on how an ad is doing. How many people have contacted them, or shared their ad. Could be a good indicator of the competition, or amusement.

Ouch – I think I’m getting worse.

Hello Google +1. You could say we’re jumping onto the band wagon of all the google+ and +1 chatter. Or you could say more sharing = more exposure. More exposure = selling your items quicker. It’s up to you in how you look at it.

I think this circle is much better than the last one. What do you think?

So, again… New & Shiny vs Old & Clunky Shiny-er & New

Nick Kempinski is the leader of UsedEverywhere's social media efforts. Working with a team of writers to create this blog. But also works with great programmers to make all sites in the UsedEverywhere network more sharing friendly.

3 Responses to “The box stack (aka The Box Swap)”


Dont like it. This site is constantly getting further away from its roots! Its a buy sell site. Now you look at it, and it has facebook, tweet tabs, like and dislike. Who needs all that crap?? Over half the page is gone to advertising and one little upper left corner is the add itself, which by the way has a strange gap below all of them of wasted space? How about going back to the roots of what a buy sell page looks like. This doesnt resemble one.


Nick Kempinski

You spoke and we listened. We’ve updated where the share box is and I’ve updated this blog post to boot. Thank you all for your feedback.


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