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Who is the BIGGEST deal finder on our site? You?

If you haven’t already taken our personality “test” we won’t be able to diagnose what kind of shopper you are and how to solve your need for bargains.

Before reading any further please perform the prescribed test. Side effects may include winning $500 cash or a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

After completing this quiz please review the following personality traits and their symptoms:


1. The Savvy Spender

Just as we suspected, our users are the savviest spenders in Canada. Over 40% of deal finders, like Kathryn from Mommy Kat and Kids, know just how to find just what they’re looking for by stretching a dollar.

The Savvy Spender is the most popular of our bargain hunting personalities and knows exactly how to to use our sites to get the most bang for her buck.

Want the insider tips when it comes to spending sensibly? Check out our Savvy Spending Guide.





2. The Happy Hoarder


The hoarder may try to hide their affliction by using an alternate name such as “collector.”

Fear not pack rats, you are not alone. Many of our quiz takers, like Eschelle from Mumfection, proudly admit to being a Happy Hoarder.

In fact Happy Hoarders are the second most popular personality using our sites! Good thing we have a lot of listings.




3. The Hunter

Unless you enjoy spending more money than you have to, everyone likes to find a bargain. But then there are people like Aimee from Extreme Couponing Mom who take it to the next level.

The Hunter is the leader of the BIG deal finding gang. She can smell a bargain at 10 paces and almost always manages to get an even better price.

Hunters often like to share their prowess. When you are in need of a particular item, asking your Hunter friends to check your local site is often the way to go.





4. The DIY Diva


Do you see every run down piece of furniture as a new DIY project? Do you keep a bottle of spray paint handy at all times?

If reupholstering, repainting and refurbishing is your favourite pastime, then like Alicia from Keep it Beautiful and Stacey from This Lil Piglet, you too are a DIY Diva.

The DIY Diva saves money by rarely paying for items, they just make them! They can even craft from garbage; a rare but worthy affliction.

A common recommendation for our DIY’ers is to keep an eye on the free listings on our sites.



5. The Flipper


The Flipper’s the guy who sees the ROI in every search. Where us folk see an item as it looks, the Flipper can envision something far greater, often with a profit margin.

It takes a special someone to be diagnosed a Flipper. Read about your fellow flipping friends Julie Nowell and Jen Banks to see how they turnaround discarded items.



Now you know your diagnosis, most patients cope quite well with a daily dose of their local city site.

Receiving a monthly copy of the UsedNews newsletter will also help with any deal finding mania.

Good luck and give us your thoughts below.


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