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Upcycle pool noodles into spooky candles – a Halloween DIY

Not sure what to do with leftover pool noodles from the summer? Have some extras that never got used? How about making simple, upcycled spooky Halloween decor? This is a great way to upcycle pool noodles and keep them out of landfills. Halloween may be all about orange and black, but we like to keep it as green as possible!


  • Pool noodles. This example used 4 noodles
  • Glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • String or twine
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Battery-operated tea lights
  • Black spray paint
  • Something for the base. This example used a tile, but wood or a large piece of sturdy cardboard would also work.

Total time needed: Approximately 30 minutes, plus drying time for spray paint.



Step 1: Start by measuring and cutting your pool noodles. Decide what height you want each pillar to be. I decided to give the tops a slight angle to give more of a “melted” effect. You will also likely need to carve out a hole for your tealights to sit in. Use your tealights to trace an opening and the depth needed so that only the flame portion shows out the top.

 upcycle pool noodles cutupcycle pool noodles cut

Step 2: Arrange your pillars the way that you want them to be placed together and make any final cuts. Use string to hold them in place – this part may take two sets of hands. Once securely tied, you can hot glue your pillars to the base and each other for added support.

upcycle pool noodle project


Step 3: Remove the tealights and add your hot glue candle drips. Hot glue around the top openings, carefully avoiding the hole for your tealights. Add drips down the pillars. This will take a few sticks of hot glue.


Step 4: Spray paint your pillars once the glue is dry. Make sure to cover the tops as well as the base! Let your new spooky candle decor dry.


We would love to see your finished pieces! Tag us on Instagram!

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