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Expert tips for posting an ad on

Great! You’ve decided it’s time to sell some of your gently used stuff on Now, let’s make this as quick of a sale as possible. Here are a few tricks used by the pros at to get buyers lining up for your items. This article will outline how to best choose a title and description for your goods, for help in taking photos, check out this article.

Here are our top tips for describing your item:

  • Ads should be short and interesting
  • Think SEO when creating your title: use keywords that people may be searching, don’t get too descriptive or creative here
  • Tell people why you’re selling the item, i.e. “We forgot to return this in time.”
  • What condition is the item in? Brand new, gently used, excellent, showing its age, etc.
  • Don’t forget measurements
  • Mention the materials (wood, plastic, metal etc)
  • Remember that transactions are done in cash, so prices that end in zero are easiest: $20, $50, $100, etc. Buyers will usually want to haggle the price so leave room in your pricing to lower it slightly but still get the amount you want.

These simple tips can make a big difference when posting on your local site. Happy buying and selling!

Chatter from the UsedHQ. We're the number one Canadian online classifieds, passionate about keeping items out of landfills, preserving unique curiosities, crafting, upcycling, anything vintage and SAVING MONEY!

5 Responses to “Expert tips for posting an ad on”

Josh H

You state that you are passionate about keeping items out of the landfill, and upcycling. Why do you allow new items to be advertised on your site? In so doing, you are helping others add these new items to the waste stream and compromises the mission of a site literally called “used.”



    Hi Josh,

    Thank you so much for your insights. The vast majority of items on our sites are used; however, lots of newer items posted on our sites are items that sellers do not have a use for that they would like to pass on rather than the items ending up in a landfill.


Trouble trying to delete ad from here ?



    Hi Sheila, our User Experience Team would love to help you if you could please email us at

Linda Gio

Hi UsedVic is my fav site to go to and use. I notice you’ve changed your look, and I’ve been told by people contacting me your site is more complicated and not as easy as it was, and location even after adding pc is showing wrong location. So we need to add location in ad. Thanks for listening. Linda


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