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How You Can Revive Your Old, Tired Couch

If your old sofa is looking worn, tired, and a little unloved, you may think it’s time to look for something new. And you won’t be alone. Sales of furniture have risen 69.2% as people look to update the look of their home. But your old sofa may still have a lot left to offer. It could just need a little TLC.  Furthermore, pick up an old secondhand couch from one of our sites, and with a little time and effort, you can transform your tired, dated, and even threadbare into something modern, classic or a little bit quirky, depending on your tastes. Whether you have a granny sofa, a large modular unit, or a modern high back sofa, here are some simple ways you can up-cycle your couch to breathe new life into your old faithful sofa.

Restore The Structure To Your Sofa

Regardless of what type of sofa you have, cushions and pillows can start to sag over time, and the sofa’s frame can get worn out. If your sofa looks like it’s seen better days, rather than dump it along with the 10 million tons of furniture waste that ends up in landfills each year, it is possible to restore the structure and fluff. Just take off the seat cushions and then cut a piece of strong plywood to a size that fits the area. Then put the wood piece under the cushions, and it will give support to the cushions so you won’t feel as if you are falling into your sofa every time you sit down. Just add some quilt matting or polyester fiber to fill out any sagging parts for those sagging cushions.

Revamp The Sofa Covers

If your sofa covers are looking tired and dated or you are just bored looking at them, you can give them a quick and easy update by dyeing the slipcover. This is a great way to restore your old sofa. You just need a plain white sofa cover, some dye solution, and your bathtub and dye the covers. If you don’t want to dye your own covers, you can make a custom slipcover yourself or order a customized cover in your chosen color and pattern material if you can use a sewing machine. It’s a great way to customize a secondhand sofa to make it your style.

Try sewing your own slip cover to up-cycle your couch

Change Up The Sofa Legs

It’s amazing how a simple thing like changing the legs can transform the look of a sofa. It’s a small touch, but it can really bring your sofa up to date or make it more in keeping with the rest of your room’s interiors. You can opt for a completely different color, material, or contour to create a different look. With most modern sofas, you can easily unscrew the legs, making changing them quite straightforward. If it’s not easy to remove them or you just can’t find the right replacement legs, then don’t worry. You can always paint the original legs to give them a quick and easy facelift.

Add or paint legs for your couch for a simple up-cycle D.I.Y.

If you have recently acquired a secondhand sofa, or your old one isn’t working for you anymore, there are plenty of ways you can up-cycle it and give your old couch a new lease of life.

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