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Why use gift wrap when you can use…

There are so many fun alternatives to traditional Christmas gift wrapping paper. Why not be a little bit less boring this year (no offense, but most of us are a little bit more boring than we need to be) and try wrapping your holiday gifts in something that’s way cooler than wrapping paper and also much kinder to our planet.

Here are some excellent alternatives to try out!

Newspaper gift wrap ideas

I realize that newspaper can look awful, cheap, and tacky if it’s done wrong. Here are some examples where people have done it really, really, well! I love the idea of using the comics section of the newspaper to create a colourful and environmentally friendlier approach to Christmas gift-wrapping. has a nice example. Remember, if you don’t recycle your newspaper wrapping after Christmas, then it is no longer an environmentally friendly approach!

Add green finishes such as leaves and twigs to your newsprint, just like they did on Fabulous for an even greener approach and so pretty.

If you’re more of a video-learner, here is a video by that shows 8 Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap Gifts with Newspaper

Scarves and fabrics as gift wrap

Are you someone who has way too many scarves? That’s me, too! I love scarves, and receiving scarves as gifts, but they are nice to give away when you have too many. Wrap your Christmas gifts in an extra scarf you may have laying around! Here’s a great example by

If you thought that scarf-wrapping was fun, then you need to check out this reusable fabric gift-wrap idea shown on

Scour your local site for scrap fabrics and other leftover craft pieces you can incorporate.

alternatives to gift wrap

Be an artist this Christmas!

Are you an artist? Now is the time to bust out your skill and enthusiasm for all things “holiday” by creating a masterpiece of your gift wrap. Grab some plain paper (enough to wrap your choice gift in) and then simply go at it. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Anyone who receives your work of art will so thankful of your efforts. Give the gift of your talents! Here’s a fine example by – image below.

If you have kids, this is the time to cover the kitchen table in paper and let them go crazy with the crayons.

alternatives to gift wrap

Sheet music for gift wrapping

Do you have a friend who has a love of music or who is a musician at heart, or otherwise? Old sheet music can be an awesome way to wrap your Christmas gifts. You could even lightly paint over it with watercolours to give the sheet music a colourful note! Similar to sheet music are maps. Look in your local thrift shop for some older road maps and scores.

Gift wrapping can be such a fun and creative time of the year. Look into your craft drawers, and pull out old books that you can cut up. Have a wonderful time spicing-up what goes under your tree and happy December to you!

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Community Coordinator Lisa put together a few ideas for us last year too: Christmas gift wrap alternatives!

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