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What to sell in July


What do a Jeep, kayak and dresser have in common? Well they’re all the most popular searches on! Here’s our monthly wrap up of what people are looking for across Canada this July.


  1. Jeep
  2. Camper
  3. Trampoline
  4. Oyster tongs
  5. Lawn mower
June’s top searches: Toyota Corolla and Ford F150
Honourable mentions: Boat


  1. LEGO
  2. Nissan
  3. Nintendo
  4. Guitar
  5. iPhone
June’s top searches: Macbook, LEGO and guitar
Honourable mentions: Records and antiques


  1. Dresser
  2. Craven tickets
  3. File cabinet
  4. LEGO
  5. Kayak
June’s top searches: Roughriders tickets, garage sales and dresser
Honourable mentions: Cellphones and PS4


  1. Kayak
  2. Cabinets
  3. Desk
  4. Dresser
  5. Tracker / Sidekick
June’s top searches: Jeep, Toyota Tundra and trailers
Honourable mentions: Excavator and teak


  1. Camper
  2. Sailboat
  3. Jeep
  4. Tent trailer
  5. BMW
June’s top searches: Kayak, elliptical and camper
Honourable mentions: Corvette 


  1. Kayak
  2. Ikea
  3. Dresser
  4. BMW
  5. Jeep
June’s top searches: Teak and Mustang
Honourable mentions: Toyota Tacoma

Take a look through your garage or attic to see if you have any of these items to sell on Now’s the time to sell that dusty BMW or leaf covered trampoline!

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gotta figure out how to get the beemer out of the attic!


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