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#UsedHelps – helping charities

With #UsedHelps you can donate the proceeds from your sale to a non-profit organization or charity of your choice. is now partnered with 53 non-profit organizations and charities.

You can sell almost any item or service through #UsedHelps – and it it’s easy! Just one click. Currently the most expensive item to be purchased through #UsedHelps was a Pfaff Performance sewing machine, for $500. Wow! The proceeds of this purchase went to Artemis Place Society, in Victoria, whose goal is to provide a safe women-centered community where girls can continue their education and young mothers can provide a nurturing environment.


Last month, as we were cleaning out our storage room at the headquarters we found several items we wanted to save from the landfill. We sold them in Victoria through #UsedHelps on , and one lucky buyer scored a metallic lamp and another bought some retro roller skates. Through these sales, the proceeds supported the Victoria READ Society and Help Fill a Dream.usedhelpsbuyer2

Offering an item for sale using #UsedHelps is as easy as posting a regular item on any of our sites. The only difference is, when you place the ad, click “yes” to donate your proceeds to charity, then select the charity you’d like to support form the drop down menu.


To see all the items being donated through #UsedHelps on your local site, click the “#UsedHelps” tab on the top menu.

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As a buyer, things are a little different. You can email the seller with any questions, just as you would do with any item listed on our sites, but in order to purchase a #UsedHelps item, you need to select “Reserve Now” and enter your credit card details. Your card is not charged, but instead, this puts the item on hold and notifies the buyer of your intent to purchase. Only when both you and the buyer have agreed to the transaction, is your credit card charged. The secure online credit card payment ensures participating #UsedHelps charities receive the funds directly.

So if you’re thinking of listing items for sale but at the same time want to support you favourite charity, consider #UsedHelps and make an easy donation. Click here to learn more.

If you are a charity or non-profit organization, learn more about how to get involved with #UsedHelps here.


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