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UsedBlog Covets: Vintage tabletop butter churner

tabletop butter churner via

What a lovely little butter churner! Bet you don’t hear that too often. No matter, we love how this looks and judging by the good condition it appears to be in, it probably still works. Maybe you could sucker the kids into making butter for you until the novelty wears off? After that, perhaps a great alternative to the time out chair?

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3 Responses to “UsedBlog Covets: Vintage tabletop butter churner”


Believe it or not I’ve been wondering if something like this existed for some time. Lol



I want that i make Butter by hand…! Its rewarding…. 😀



I saw a lady (on youtube or Tv) making butter with whipped cream using a high speed kitchenaid processor. It took 20 minutes or something. Using a human arm versus the machine, seems to me it would take 20 hours with that little contraption! I say use it to whip up a margarita!!! mmmmmmm nummy (crush the ice in a Bullet first!!)


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