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Used furniture DIY: upcycled windows

If you’ve got the odd old window or two you’ve been dying to replace, now’s the perfect time. But once you’ve replaced the old with the new, no need to toss out the aged window as I’ve found some awesome upcycling ideas.

Window Upcycle Options

The top two images were found on the site and they are full of DIY potential. And its easy enough to find windows on any one of our sites, simply type windows into the search bar and tons will come up!

Option #1: photo frame:

Love this sweet idea of turning an old window into a photo frame! You could choose to have one giant image behind the whole window or fill the panes with multiple smaller images. It’s like a window through to a memory…literally (bad joke, I know, I know). But regardless of how sentimental of a person you are this is an awesome way to reutilize an old window and adds a nice decorative touch to any room. Photo from Milk and Honey Design.

Option #2: room divider:

If you have a long, narrow room and have been stumped over how to split it up, this is the perfect option. Windows are a beautiful touch to a room without losing any light or much space. Photo found here. To hook up the windows, use chains and hooks to attach them to each other and the ceiling. Be sure to bolt the ceiling hooks to the ceiling joists. More detailed instructions at

Note: If your old windows still look too new and you want a more aged effect on the paint, follow these instructions.

Our find on the left, DIY coffee table on both right images.

Option #3: DIY coffee table:

I love the rustic look of this window turned coffee table and its quite simple to do. Age the wood with a paint tactic (one is shown already in the note above), grab a couple crates lying around or off one of our sites and you’re set. Depending on how the window fits on the crates you may want it to be more secure and in that case use wood glue or nails to keep the whole thing really solid. The whole tutorial can be seen on Shelterness. And not only does this table add a rustic edge to any living room, there’s also space between the crates for storage which always comes in handy.

And that’s it; three pretty awesome and easy ways to reuse old windows. Let me know if you’ll be doing any of these, I’d love to hear!


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Great ideas!



My grandfather used to strip off the paint, re-stain them and apply a few coats of varnish, and fit a mirror where the glass used to be. They looked beautiful hanging on the wall by the front entrance of the house.



Thanks for the post. Love the ideas!


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