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Tips and tricks to make kids clothes last longer: used kids clothes

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Used kids clothes are the best option when shopping for back to school items for children, especially with websites like that offer a simple way for parents to find cheap kids clothes online. Even when parents are buying used, parents still need to know that their children’s clothes are going to stand the test of time throughout the school year. This article shares a few best practices for keeping your children’s clothing in good condition so that you will get the best value for your money when you’re buying used kids clothes.

Cold water saves clothing:

Washing with cold water isn’t just a sales pitch for laundry detergent; washing with cold water actually saves the life of clothing- especially used kids clothes. Instead of washing with hot or warm water, use cold water all the time. You will begin to notice how much longer the fabrics hold up, and how much less often you will need to buy new clothes for your children.

Is buying high-quality worth the extra money?

Oftentimes, people who are searching for a good deal will see the higher price of a higher quality clothing item, and they will pass up the deal because the price is a few dollars higher than a less expensive option. The truth of the matter is that the higher price doesn’t always reflect a higher quality item, but sometimes a higher price matched with a high-quality fabric represents a clothing item that will last longer, thus saving you money in the long-run.

An old-fashioned needle and thread

If you buy some excellent used kids clothes, then it would be a waste to throw them into the garbage just because of a small hole or tear in the fabric. One of the best ways to extend the life of your children’s clothing is to bring out the needle and thread, sew together any of the torn seams, or add a patch or two where it’s needed. Cheap kids clothes will be that much cheaper when you are willing to use a needle and thread at some point throughout the year, instead of buying another of the same item.

By buying high-quality used kids clothes, by washing the clothing in cold water instead of warm water, and by sewing up holes and tears in your child’s wardrobe, back to school shopping for used kids clothes will prove to be a bargain for the whole year, and perhaps years to come.


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