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Used furniture DIY: bedside tables

If you have (or are looking for) an old bedside table ready for a revamp, search no further.

On any of the sites there are typically tons of bedside tables up for sale, or free! Whilst checking the household items section is always a good idea, don’t forget to check the free tab as well.

Something else to keep in mind when browsing for that perfect bedside table is our Post To WIN contest. Sell, trade or give away any household item and you could win $1,000. A perfect excuse to declutter. Now, on to the tables.

 Option #1: pop of colour:

Either of the two tables found on our sites could be spruced up right away with a bright coat of paint. Suddenly, instead of fading into the background the table becomes one of the most eye-catching pieces in the room. In addition, changing the handle to fit better with the style of the room also adds a nice touch. Finally, you can remove drawers and paint the inside or use wallpaper to create a fun pattern. A nice how to from Spoonflower.

Option #2: patterned piece:

Adding a paint pattern such as the delicate scalloped one shown above adds a small but beautiful detail to a room. This lovely piece was found on Design Sponge. This allows for other pieces in the room to be the focal point and the table instead to complement and add to the overall appeal of the room. However, you could also incorporate this into the first option, replacing a more understated colour with a pop of colour to combine the bright and pattern all in one. Mix master.

Option #1: laundry room repurpose:

The two tables above found on the site are so simple it would be easy to reutilize them in another room. As shown above, connect the tables using screws and add some paint. From there, you need to choose a surface which you would prefer for the counter. Costlier options are items such as marble or granite (which you could check your local site for as never a day goes by where there isn’t surplus building material available). Other options are another type of rock or even a slab of wood, perhaps a different colour from the original to add some mix and match. Then you have perfect shelves that can host a whole range of laundry room items. Picture from Southern Living.

Option #2: map top:

This is a repeat from the coffee table upcycle blog but I think it is a worthy addition as a map top really does add character to a piece. How to from Primitive & Proper. Choose a new map with your favourite spots or find an older map showing how we once thought the world was laid out for a touch of historic charm. Easy.

Option #3: bench & storage:

As in option one, simply connect the two tables using screws and then paint if you so desire. The cushion comes next; find a fabric that matches the feeling of the room and follow this easy DIY by Sunlight Spaces.

And that’s it; five simple bedside table upcycles that are sure to spice up your room decor.

Let me know what projects you’ve made with bedside tables, I’d love to hear your stories!


2 Responses to “Used furniture DIY: bedside tables”

Sarah Tremblay

Bedside tables are really something that you want to have in your bedrooms. But you should choose the tables which best matches your bedroom furnishings.


    Amber R Bosma

    Yep, definitely you should. Or buy used and then turn it into what matches your furnishings. Love your website by the way. Amber

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