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Three easy marbling tutorials

Before I had an email account I would write letters each week to friends and family. After a while, lined paper and white envelopes weren’t enough. I’d add illustrations, stickers and other embellishments. But what I loved most of all was marbled envelopes.

Marbling. It’s not like I knew the term, but at some point I figured out how to mix nail polish and drizzle around the envelope in a marble-like pattern. Soon I spent more time on the envelope than the actual letter.

So you understand my excitement when I came across multiple tutorials for DIY marble crafts. I was overwhelmed by nostalgia. I can’t wait to find ways to add these to my home/office/life.

Here are my top three marbling tutorials

the method of marbling

In just 13 easy steps Martha Stewart outlines the method of marbling, ideal for paper, leather, and fabric projects.

This method uses alum, craft paint, methocel, ammonia, and water (well, a few other things but these are the main materials). I like this tutorial for projects where you want a specific pattern—you have the power!

marbled milk paper

The marbled milk method from Babble Dabble Do is a bit more random than Martha Stewart’s approach. Billed as a kid’s craft, this seven-step process mixes almond milk, dish soap, and food colouring to create the marbled effect on paper.

This method is great because your only limitation is your imagination. There’s also a list of variations plus three bonus tutorials if you want to mix things up.

oh joy nail polish marble

This nail polish marbling tutorial from Oh Joy may be the simplest of all. Requiring only nail polish, water, and finishing spray this method works well on plastic materials (in this case a hanging basket).

In five easy steps you too can have a marbled planter. How fun! I’m not doing hanging baskets this year but I’m sure I’ll find something to marble.

Maybe I’ll get back into letter writing!


Useful links:

Find pots to marble by searching your local gardening section (hint: use keywords like plastic pot or planter)

Frame your beautiful marbled masterpiece with a find from your local site

Get creative and find whatever arts and crafts supplies you need



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