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DIY pine cone wreath alternative

Pine Cone Decor

I’ve always loved pine cone crafts and decided to take my collection of pine cones and make something new. This time, a nice door hanging.

Dressing a door with pine cones isn’t anything new, but I’ve only used wreaths for my door. A decorative hanging, well, this is a whole new level.

The truth is, it’s simple, easy and fun. Here are instructions for a DIY pine cone wreath alternative.

Spray Painted Pine Cones

Here is what you need

  • Pine cones
  • Ribbons
  • Spray paint
  • Glue gun and glue

Glue Gun Ribbons

Here is what you do

(This is the great part, because you can pretty much guess what to do.)

  1. Spray paint dry pine cones with desired colours/shades (I did some glossy so the natural colour would shine through) in a covered well-ventilated area on a drop cloth or towel
  2. Allow paint to dry according to the instructions
  3. Heat up glue gun and affix ribbons to bottom of pine cones
  4. Once glue is dry arrange pine cones into decorative hanging until satisfied
  5. Affix ribbons with a knot and hang

This project really is as simple as it sounds. I hope you can have fun creating your own winter-themed projects with items you have around your house and yard. And if you need further inspiration take a turn around Pinterest or the craft category of your local site. Pine cones are all the rage right now!

Pine Cone Decor

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