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DIY crayon melt on canvas art

Crayon Melt on Canvas

This is a fun and simple DIY project anyone can do (crafty or not). Here’s everything you need to create these cute DIY crayon melt on canvas art in three easy steps.

Here is what you need

  • Blank canvas (any size/quality). Save money and the landfill by buying used canvases and painting over them (or not)
  • Crayons
  • Glue gun
  • Heat gun or hair dryer

DIY Melted Crayons on Canvas steps

As far as crafts go, this one is simple. However, you should have a clean surface to work on as well as drop cloths in case any glue or melted wax drips or sprays during the process. There is heat involved, so children should be supervised.


  1. Choose crayons and take paper wrapping off. I used a small canvas so I broke the crayons into smaller pieces…but there’s no rule
  2. Heat up glue gun and affix crayons to top of canvas
  3. Once glue is dry, use the heat gun or hair dryer on crayons. Make sure the canvas is propped up so the wax will drip down the canvas. It will take a few seconds (maybe 20) to melt the crayons depending on your heat level. If you are too close to the crayons the wax will spray sideways instead of down the canvas so take care during this process
  4. (Bonus step.) Allow wax to harden before determining whether to do a second pass with the heat or to leave your work of art as-is

DIY Melted Crayons on Canvas

And there we go! DIY crayon melt on canvas art in three simple steps. This is a basic approach to this type of craft so if you feel more ambitious search Pinterest for creative additions to melted crayon projects.

Happy crafting!

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