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Your Super Bowl Party Checklist

It’s Super Bowl time! Here’s a little guide to everything you need to throw the best Super Bowl party on the block.

Your starting place is of course your local site. Shop for everything you need, save a bunch of money AND when you are done with it, sell it on to the people throwing Academy Awards parties!

Everything You Need for Your Super Bowl Party and More

Recliner, big couch, popcorn: check!

Big Comfy Couch

Anyone can have a couch, but don’t you want a BIG comfy couch for your Super Bowl party? Of course! Head to your local site and use the search bar on the right side of the screen to find a “couch” or “sofa.” Something like this used sofa in Nanaimo would be perfect!

Reclining Chairs

It’s your party, so you need the best seat in the house. That would be a reclining chair. Search the category Household>Furniture using our search tool. Here is a sweet electric massage reclining chair found on Did you read that? You can get a massage while you’re watching the game! Pass the popcorn! Speaking of which…

Popcorn Maker

We would have put this item at the top of the list, but you need somewhere comfy to kick back and eat, so popcorn maker comes in at number three. Search for a theatre-style popper like this sweet thing listed on or take a look at the more common table top makers. To find your popper, simply search for “popcorn maker,” “popcorn popper” or “popcorn” on your local site.

Mini Fridge

You won’t want to get out of your reclining chair every time your drink runs out, that is not in the name of true relaxation and football focus. Get excited about pint-sized refrigeration and search for something like this mini fridge on – only $40 but coming in new at $139. So there’s a quick $99 you just saved to spend on more pop.

Big Serving Dishes

Gigantic serving bowls. That is all.


Put a TV in every room, they’re so cheap. The bigger the screen the better! TVs on our sites range from free to $300 with every price in between.

TVs? You got it.


You’ve got your sofa, you’ve got your beer, you may even have a TV in every room. All you need now? No, not love. Meat! Now is a really good time to buy barbeques on our sites because no one else is thinking about using them for at least three month and sellers want them out of the way. Check out this beauty on BBQs have their own category on our sites, make your way to Household>Appliances>BBQ to find what you need.

People Who Can Cheer Loudly

What’s a party without friends? This one you can’t buy on sites, there’s a reason we don’t have personals but we can go into that another time.

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