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Unique DIY Halloween costumes for adults

Spent too many consecutive years as a vampire or a boring zombie? Have you never veered far from the “throw a white sheet over your body and call yourself a ghost” costume? If you don’t have time to be creative, don’t worry! We’ve got some simple DIY costume ideas that are easy to create and will definitely make you stand out at your Halloween party! And where can you the supplies for these costume? On your local site of course! Plus costumes on our sites run at approximately a quarter of the price of costumes in retail stores and online so you can buy more discounted Halloween candy on November 1.

A few DIY Halloween costume ideas:

Black and White Photo

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So much fun! Root through our sites for grey, black and white clothes and use black and white face paint mixed together to make a grey tone for any skin that’s showing. Add talcum powder to your hair for and voila, instant old-school photo shoot. Look up old photos online for inspiration.

Christmas tree

Image from pinterest/taraclapper

Hey Christmas lover! This is one of the simplest used Halloween costumes around. This is the perfect time to grab Christmas decorations from your local site as most people won’t be searching until November. Wear all green clothes or wrap your body in green fabric and adorn yourself! Hang popcorn strands from your neck and add a star to your hair. Happy holidays!

The name’s Bond

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This is a great group costume option and so easy. Everyone can represent a different Bond film. Gold eyeshadow – Goldeneye, glue old pennies to your trousers, skirt or dress – Miss Moneypenny, fake grill – Jaws, piece of cardboard – Timothy Dalton. Easy.

90s Rock star

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Some rock stars take little effort, just choose their most iconic feature and go with it. For example, for Courtney Love, smear your lipstick, tussle your blonde hair, don a nightdress and tiara and there you go. You may get mistaken for the living dead; perfect. If the rock star is dead, then rock star zombie it is!

Scroll and see what happens!

For little to no effort, position yourself with snacks on your sofa and scroll through our used costume category. Let the ideas come to you. And don’t forget, now is the perfect time of year to dig out last year’s costume and post it on to help pay for this year’s costume!

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