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What to Sell in February 2018

What to Sell in February 2018

It’s February. One last push to get through the winter weather and then hopefully, we’re in the clear with sunshine and blue skies. Check out our most-wanted items, from Victoria to PEI, to get you motivated to place an ad and start selling!


  1. IKEA
  2. Teak
  3. Desk
  4. BMW
  5. Watch
  6. Dresser
  7. Couch
  8. Lego
  9. Chair
  10. Door

Don’t bother leaving the house when it’s ugly outside, stay nice and cozy inside relaxing on your new furniture after you sell off your older models! IKEA, desk, dresser, couch, and chair are all popular this month in Victoria.


  1. Littlest pet shop
  2. Jeep
  3. Garmin
  4. Nikon
  5. Guitar
  6. Diesel
  7. iPad Air
  8. Toyota
  9. Tractor
  10. Camaro

Nanaimo loved the Littlest Pet Shop reboot last February taking the first spot over the very popular Jeep search term. Unless Littlest Pet Shop released another new line, you’re better off selling your used vehicle if you own a Jeep, Diesel, Toyota, Tractor or Camaro.


  1. iPhone
  2. Dresser
  3. Jeep
  4. PS4
  5. Desk
  6. Sasktel Pioneers
  7. Couch
  8. Table
  9. Samsung Note
  10. Laptop

Technology is booming in Regina during February! iPhone, PS4, Samsung Note, and laptop all made the top 10, but TV, Bose, and Xbox One also ranked high.  


  1. Lego
  2. Records
  3. PS4
  4. Dresser
  5. BMW
  6. Desk
  7. Couch
  8. Loom
  9. Tent Trailer
  10. Canon

There’s a little bit of everything in this month’s top 10 in Ottawa! Furniture is always a fan favorite with items like dresser, desk, and couch in the top 10 with coffee table and IKEA also ranking high this month.


  1. Chainsaw
  2. Toyota
  3. Subaru
  4. House for rent
  5. Snowblower
  6. Camper
  7. Ford Focus
  8. Macbook
  9. Rent
  10. Trailer

Looking to rent your room, house or some property? Looks like February is the right month to do so in PEI with two search terms sneaking into this month’s top 10.

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Rock Dueck

There are a couple of cities in Alberta. Perhaps you might consider adding them to your list. I know we are only really valued for transfer payments and income taxes to the government but we still like to think we are equal to other Canadians.


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