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Seeing beauty in the ordinary: Interview with a UsedEverywhere enthusiast

You know those people who have that artistic eye?  The ones who can look at something completely ordinary and know just how to make it look amazing?  Lindsey Kautz is one of those people.  Around Regina, Lindsey’s known for her artistic eye with her business, Lilyfield Photography.  But once you enter her home you notice this ability to see potential in the ordinary extends beyond the camera lens.  Lindsey’s home is punctuated with a number of treasures she’s found through UsedRegina – and they all come together to create a home with soul.

Lindsey and I are part of a group that meet whenever we can to work on our amateur upholstery projects in her basement.  As we work, we converse about everything from upholstery fabric to theology, wood finishes to child rearing, staple guns to marriage …all while trying to reinvent the old chairs we picked up online.  We also often end up discussing our love of UsedRegina.  (In fact we’ve even had a few “UsedRegina Adventures” together, including unknowingly engaging in a bidding war against each other over a vintage couch and chair.  In the end I have the couch and she has the chair!)  While I often imagine a complete overhaul of the items I find on UsedRegina, Lindsey tends to see the beauty in what’s already there – with just a little cleaning, maybe refinishing the wood, and often keeping the fabric (if it’s in good shape).  I admire her ability to take something that’s been forgotten, neglected, or passed over and use it in her home seamlessly and beautifully.

So, as someone who loves the thrill of the UsedRegina hunt as much as I do (perhaps more!) I knew as soon as I started blogging for UsedEverywhere that I had to share this talented woman with you!

Lindsey, what appeals to you about using UsedRegina?

I love buying things off of UsedRegina for many reasons.  First of all, it’s much less expensive than buying new. I love a good deal. It is like finding treasure when I log on to check the recent listings and find a fantastic piece of furniture at an equally fantastic price.

I also love the recycling aspect of purchasing used items. I like to think I am keeping something out the landfill and giving it a longer life.

Another thing I really love about purchasing from UsedRegina is that each piece already has a story and I just get to be part of that. I love the conversation that surrounds each item, especially if I have refinished it. I think it was Sarah Richardson who said, “a room should look like it came together over time not like you stepped into a department store and picked every piece of furniture out in an hour or two.”  Every time I find an item on UsedRegina I feel like I am slowly building a room that will reflect my taste and style.

Don’t you love the hardware on this old dresser?

How do you use UsedRegina?

I check UsedRegina before I buy anything new just in case someone is selling a perfectly good used one. Often I find exactly what I am looking for. So I use [the site to buy or sell many things]: from furniture, to siding, to Roughrider tickets. The possibilities are endless.

What is your experience refurbishing secondhand furniture?

I am in the process of reupholstering my second chair from UsedRegina. They are both quite simple chairs with minimal fabric. I have enjoyed the experience immensely. I meet with a couple of friends every few weeks and we spend the evening working on our upholstery projects.

Lindsey’s first chair reupholstery project

Which piece is your favourite from UsedRegina?

I really love my red chair. I purchased it for $35 a few months ago. I love the colour and the shape. I love red as an accent colour and it looks great in our guest room.

Lindsey’s also used this chair for some of her photo shoots – and it looks stunning!

What is your most recent purchase?  What are your plans for it?

Most recently I purchased two old schoolhouse desks from a couple in Whitewood, SK.  My 5-year-old is a little artist and loves to sit and draw or craft. I placed one of the desks in our front room looking out the window to the street so he would have lots of scope for his imagination. I plan to strip the wood and refinish it in a dark stain but it works fine as it is for now.

How great is this old schoolhouse desk?

What are some tips and advice you have for people using UsedRegina?

The only advice I can think of is to make sure you inspect the item thoroughly when you go to pick it up. Make sure it is what you think it is before you pay for it and take it home. I purchased a headboard and footboard a year or so ago and when I got home with it realized it didn’t have the correct hardware and I couldn’t actually attach it to our bed. We made it work but in retrospect I probably should have been more observant initially. I have found people to be quite honest and upfront about most items and have had
very good experiences on the whole.

Thank you so much Lindsey for sharing your experience and your beautiful finds with us!


(All photos taken by Lindsey Kautz)

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nice photos! beautiful home. i love that reupholstered floral chair.


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