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UsedBlog Art Round-up

Art is intensely personal. I’d venture to say that with some people it could spark as as lively a discussion as politics or religion. We all like and appreciate different things. Our styles, tastes, experiences… they all bring us to a different place in defining what “art” is to us.  And that’s part of why art in your home is so important. The art you feature not only finishes a room, or fills an empty wall, it can speak a lot about your personality, tell a story, or create discussion. Some people may want their art to seamlessly blend with their surroundings for a beautiful, calm, look. Others may want that “statement piece”, intended to provoke conversation or even controversy. Either way, we should all have art in our homes.

Design by Thomas Smythe, photograph by Michael Graydon, via Habitually Chic Blog

This weekend I’ve got a round up of art I’ve found on UsedEverywhere. Have you ever considered purchasing art from your local Used site?  There are so many reasons why you should: to support local artists, to snag a bargain, to find something unique or vintage, or to give old art a second life…

So, first up: How lovely is this pastel painting from UsedVancouver by Quebec artist Gilles Mailloux? And at $150 for a framed 22″x27″ piece, that’s pretty lovely too.

This next one is not cheap (yours for only $2500 bones), but I love it.  And graphic black and white art is reeeally hip these days.  (Am I not hip for using the term “hip”? Hmmm…)

Another trendy item to add to your art collection is a quirky portrait – maybe someone you know, or maybe some interesting unknown visage that you can imagine your own story for!

Design by Joel Bray, photograph by John Cullen for Canadian House & Home

Like perhaps this saucy gypsy lady on UsedGatineau for $50:

Or if you prefer to know the story behind the people on your wall you could get this great portrait of the royal family.

Isn’t it sweet?  (Anyone else LOVE “The King’s Speech”?) It could look great in a new frame in an eclectic art arrangement, or alone on a small wall above an occasional chair.  But I want to buy it.  So if you’re thinking about it, you’d better move quickly.  (And if I get it first you could buy this one.)

This beautiful painting of poppies in Nepean, Ontarioreminds me of the one in this picture that looks so lovely in the arrangement:

Design by Amanda Johnson for “Here’s Looking at Me Kid” Blog

A perfect piece of art to pick up before Remembrance Day, perhaps?

And speaking of Remembrance Day, I am a bit of a World War buff, love black and white photography, and think this old photograph of the Canadians on D-Day would be amazing to own:

I also love the look of collections of old oil paintings presented in a modern or eclectic way:

Design by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick, photograph by Debi Treloar, via Style at Home

Some landscapes or a  floral still life like one of these would be perfect for such an arrangement:


“Coast of Oregon” by Robert Harrison

I’m also really into architectural art,

Moutarde Design, photograph by Jean Longpre for House & Home

so I really like this great engraving of the Paris Stock Exchange.

Another trend in art is using vintage maps.

Design by Steven Shailer, image from Elle Decor

They can be both subdued on your wall, and tell a neat story.  This one on UsedWinnipeg is gorgeous:

And if these are legit (I’d probably get an expert to check them out before purchasing for that price) I would love me some Group of Seven prints.

And I’d likely reframe this piece in something simpler – a black frame with a wide white mat – because the painting itself is so bright and dynamic and bold.

So those are just a few of the many beautiful things I found in my search. They may or may not be your cup of tea, but there was plenty of art out there that I passed over that might look perfect in your home. Go check it out! (Don’t forget to also look for alternative art: stained glass windows, vintage plates, or collections like Andrea’s beautiful antique keys!)

And if you want a bit more art inspiration you can check out my Pinterest board.  Happy weekend!




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hi there love your site , could you tell me more about the landscape of trees and water print on your site . i think it says something if these are legit . thanks van b.c. gene



thanks please reply . again surprized didn’t know that you had art on line .


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