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Get the Look – Sarah Richardson’s Farmhouse Bedroom

Do you ever watch HGTV, or thumb through design magazines and grow depressed at what designers call “great deals”?  Even in many “Get the look for less” articles the low end items can be out of my budget.  But I don’t despair, because I know that with some creativity, a bit of elbow grease, and some patient thriftiness you can often get those looks for even less than “less”.  Let’s take this lovely bedroom, designed by the talented and much-loved Sarah Richardson along with her good friend Thomas Smythe.  It was featured on her show, the eponymous “Sarah’s House” season 3 on HGTV Canada:

Master bedroom from "Sarah's House 3"

I love this room – it’s vibrant, pattern-filled, cozy, and quirky.  But Sarah’s budget and my budget are not really on the same planet, and chances are you may feel the same way.

So let’s surf UsedEverywhere to find some of these elements to create our own cheerful farmhouse bedroom, shall we?

Let’s start from the ground up and search for a Persian rug. How about this one on UsedRegina for $50?  Yes please.

Persian rug on Used Regina for $50

This bed isn’t exactly the same, but it’s gorgeous, has a similar four-poster feel and it’s a lot less than the 3 grand Sarah dropped on her antique bed:

A queen size brass four poster bed on UsedRegina for $650

And this chandelier may be a bit smaller in scale, but that’s probably a good thing if you don’t have the same soaring ceilings.  (If you do, hang the chandelier a bit closer and lower over the bed, or hang it over a different area, like over the pair of chairs.)

A great chandelier selling for $25 on UsedRegina

Design by Sarah Richardson

And if you have the room, you could easily install an electric fireplace for a quick dose of character.  Electric fireplaces have come a long way since the tissue paper and fan fireplace we had when I was a kid.  For starters, how about this mantel for $30?  You could buy a firebox, or just fill it full of candles or firewood.

$30 Fireplace Mantel on UsedRegina

And some brass candlesticks for the mantel, just like in the inspiration picture:

Brass candle holders on UsedRegina for $5

Did you notice that interesting woodbox for holding firewood?  You could replicate the look by painting this plant stand in orange or another kicky colour, and storing logs in it.

An antique plant stand on UsedRegina for $50


Design by Sarah Richardson

In my humble opinion I find the side tables a little too midcentury modern for the room, but you could acheive a similar open look with a couple of side tables like these:

Antique demi-lune table for $50 on UsedRegina

A curvy old oak side table on UsedRegina for $90

And this phone is black, but just as charming as the one atop the side table… and it works!

$80 Antique phone on UsedRegina

And for bedside light you can look for some shapely lamps that can be spray painted in any colour you like, similar to the orange ones seen in the inspiration picture.  (Or, if you find a pair of vases you like, you could follow my lamp DIY and convert a vase into a table lamp!)

Bedside lamps for $10 each on UsedRegina

Design by Sarah Richardson

This wooden dresser is perfect, and just needs some new hardware.  (You could add white knobs like the dresser in the inspiration picture)

Antique dresser on UsedRegina for $125

And a simple mirror, a pretty little tea set, and a crystal lamp should be easy enough to find on UsedEverywhere or a thrift store.

Design by Sarah Richardson

This pair of wingback chairs on UsedRegina may not fit with the room yet – but they’re FREE, so why not buy some of this colourful floral fabric

"Wonderland" fabric from Designer Fabrics Online

and have them reupholstered or slipcovered?

Can't argue with free chairs on UsedRegina

And how about this great vintage lamp for $25

1950's brass lamp for $25 on UsedRegina

perched atop one of these tables

Two round side tables for $10 on UsedRegina

between the chairs to recreate the look of the seating area in Sarah’s room?

And a key part of the charming farmhouse aesthetic are the framed vintage botanical prints.  These ones are available on UsedRegina for as low as $10.

One of a selection of beautiful old botanical prints on UsedRegina

They’re the perfect finishing touch to your sunny farmhouse bedroom.


And there you have it!  If you have a room you’d like to challenge me with, leave a link to it in the comments section!

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