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Nothing says “I love you” like a second-hand gift

With Christmas neatly tucked away, we can finally concentrate on everyone’s favourite winter holiday – Valentine’s Day! Okay, so maybe it’s not EVERYONE’s favourite, but like it or not, it’s here. Today! So, what do you have planned? A boring store-bought card with someone else’s poem written in it? A billion-dollar bouquet of roses? Snore. You can do better.

Valentine’s Day is the time of year to prove to your loved one that he or she is…loved. And nothing says, “ I love you,” like giving a pre-loved gift! For real. Giving a “used” Valentine gift can be very romantic. Obviously, we’re not talking about half-eaten chocolate or a mangy old stuffed animal, but there’s a certain romance to giving a gift with a little history.

Vintage jewellery comes to mind. Not only can you afford to buy a higher quality piece, but some of the older settings are so much nicer than what you find for the same price at the jewellery counter.

Sure, flowers are nice…and expensive…and they die. A book of poetry or perhaps a hand-bound romance book is much more thoughtful.

And you’re SURE your sweetheart’s going to love those novelty boxer shorts emblazoned with little hearts? Maybe he’d prefer some retro bar ware or a pocket watch that you can have engraved. At least he can show those things off to his friends.

Still not convinced? Then consider this: If you really love someone why not help preserve the planet they live on? Buying second-hand keeps perfectly romantic gifts out of the landfill and money in your community. And if you’re looking to pitch woo to a tree hugger, you can’t get much more environmentally-friendly than that.

Or maybe don’t buy anything. Pull out some construction paper and make cards with the kids or bake some heart-shaped cookies. Go for a walk together. Share a nice meal. Be nice to each other for a WHOLE day. Sometimes a sweet nothing means a whole lot more than a costly and commercial sweet something or other.

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