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UsedBlog & National Costume Swap Day Canada

I’m just going to say it… Summer’s winding down. If you’re a parent you probably started the mental countdown a couple of weeks ago. There’s back to school shopping to consider, cramming in a last minute trip to the lake and managing all that family togetherness in the heat. September’s coming and once you accept that fall is practically here, it’s only a small mental leap to start getting excited for Halloween!

My kids are already talking about costumes and I’m already starting worry about how I’m supposed to create the perfect Rosie the Riveter/zombie costume for a teenager and  make my toddler look like the man in the moon. That’s a tall order considering I work full time and can’t even sew a button on to a shirt. AND Halloween is only 70 days away!

Normally, I would start to panic right about this time, but not this year. Nope. Not me. Why? Because this year UsedEverywhere is partnering with Our Big Earth Media Co. to present National Costume Swap Day Canada on October 13th.

What’s National Costume Swap Day Canada?
The movement is based on a simple premise – trading costumes at Halloween instead of buying new ones. It doesn’t take anything away from the nostalgia and warmth of Halloween traditions. It creates a new one built into a holiday that children love. National Costume Swap Day Canada provides a central meeting point where communities from across Canada can begin greening their Halloween by setting up, publicizing and hosting costume swaps at their local community centres, halls, churches, schools and other public places. Swap hosts are given all of the tools.

Why it’s such an awesome idea:
Kids: It’s about the experience. Rather than picking out a costume at a big box store, kids have the chance to find something unique and use their imaginations.

Moms and Dads: This empties out those boxes of old costumes in storage, saves money, connects them to the community and be a bit more socially conscious too.

Communities: An opportunity to establish progressive holiday traditions that key in on fostering the creativity and imagination of our kids, teaches social responsibility and supports the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.

How can I get involved?
Visit to get the scoop and find swaps in your location. Can’t find one in your neck of the woods? Then read this handy-dandy how-toand host your own! You can also follow National Costume Swap Day Canada on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram for updates, contests and loads of fun!

Why is UsedEverywhere sponsoring National Costume Swap Day Canada?
We’re sponsoring National Costume Swap Day Canada because it’s an awesome idea or as our Marketing Coordinator, Erin Richards, more eloquently puts it:

“This project embodies our foundational values of recycling, repurposing and redistributing items that may otherwise end up in the landfill. This initiative allows us to continue helping moms make economically and environmentally responsible decisions for their families while also bringing women together in communities across Canada. We think this is a terrific cause and are honored to be a part of it!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Now, if anyone has a moon costume they want to swap for a magenta prom dress, get in touch!

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Such a great initiative!


The comfort level of the child and girls should never be compromised. Make sure that the fancy dress costumes are ready a day in advance, so that the children can try them out before. If there is some other things than they can be created by using some color for paint.


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