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Join the #moolafordebt challenge

Join the #moolafordebt challenge to clear up your clutter and pay down your debt! #moolafordebt will start on April 27th at 8am and run through until May 13th at 10pm. We will announce the winner on Facebook LIVE on Monday, May 14.

So, you have just over two weeks to post your gently used items on using the hashtag #moolafordebt, make some extra moola and pay down your debt! 

On top of all that, you could win a grand prize of over $1500!!! Check out all the great stuff you could win:

Here are the easy steps to participate!

Visit and sign up for an account. You can sign up through Facebook or with your email address. Click here to find out how. Psst, it’s free to sign up! 

Or even easier! Download the app for either iPhone or Android phones! Search in the App Store or Google Play store or go to

Gather your items to sell. The sky’s the limit here! A good rule is if you haven’t used it in the past year, you probably don’t need it. Clean or repair items if required and make sure they are fully assembled and ready to go.

Take photos on your mobile, then when it’s time to post, try the app. Good quality, clear photos can help your items sell faster. You can use up to eight photos per item. Learn how to take the best images for your ads.

Draft descriptions for your items. Ads should be short and interesting. Follow these tips:

  • Think SEO when creating your title: use keywords that people may be searching, don’t get too descriptive or creative here
  • Tell people why you’re selling the item, i.e. “We forgot to return this in time.”
  • What condition is the item in? Brand new, gently used, excellent, showing its age, etc.
  • Don’t forget measurements
  • Mention the materials: plastic, glass, type of wood, etc.
  • Include the hashtag #moolafordebt in your description

Think about how much you want to charge for each item when you post it to starting on April 20. Remember that transactions are done in cash, so prices that end in zero are easiest: $20, $50, $100, etc. Buyers will usually want to haggle the price so leave room in your pricing to lower it slightly but still get the amount you want.

Familiarize yourself with’s Posting Policy so that once you post an ad it will be approved and ready to sell! 

After the SALES: Use your earnings to PAY DOWN YOUR DEBT!

You get entries into the contest for:

  • 5 entries for each ad posted on
  • 10 extra entries for every 10th ad you post
  • 2 entries for each time you share on Facebook (make sure to tag MOOLA Financial Coaches & Advisors Inc. so we can see it)
  • 20 bonus entries if you download the app and post at least one item using it

Join us on Facebook at to chat with other participants. You can post your items for sale, share tips for selling and talk about paying down your debt!

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