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Make back to school fun (without spending a fortune)

Some kids can’t wait to go back to school, while others dread it. We have some tips to help make back to school time a little more fun, even for kids who don’t want summer to end. And the best part? Creating a little bit of back to school magic doesn’t have to be expensive if you reduce, reuse and shop used!

1. Prepare a fun back to school lunch

Everything’s more fun when you have delicious food to look forward to, even school. Try making one of these cute and delicious bento box lunches, and get your kids to help pick out ingredients and cut up fun shapes.

You can find tupperware and fun lunchboxes (and even bento boxes if you get lucky!) on for a great deal, compared to the $20-$50 you’ll pay for a brand new box. You can even let the kids decorate their lunch boxes with fun stickers to up the lunchtime excitement.


2. Build a back to school wardrobe

If your kids are excited to show off their back to school clothes, it’ll be a lot easier to get them out the door on that dreaded first day. But building a whole new wardrobe can be expensive, especially when buying new. Start by looking through what you already have. Are there things your kid hasn’t outgrown yet that they haven’t worn for a while? Can you get hand me downs from older siblings, or from neighbours, cousins and family friends? Clothes don’t have to be new to feel new.

Once you’ve exhausted the clothes you already own, visit our Kids’ Clothing category. You can find high quality, barely used items for a fraction of the price. And if your kids aren’t excited about you buying their wardrobe for them, invite them to help you shop. is family-friendly, so let your kids scroll with you and pick out the items they want to wear.


3. Give your kids a back to school gift

Fun food and cool clothes might not be enough to lift the gloom of going back to school. The promise of a small gift can make back to school feel less like a chore and more like a holiday. Depending on your kid’s age and interests, this gift could be a new toy, a cool book or even a new video game. And gifts don’t have to be new to be exciting – check out our Kids’ Toys category to find great used toys at great prices.


4. Arrange a playdate at the school playground

Are your kids starting at a new school this year? Help calm their nerves by taking them to see the school and having a fun time at the school playground. Invite some friends along, and remind them how much fun recess can be.

Pack a picnic (you can find cheap picnic baskets on for maximum fun) and make it a special time. Building good memories at school before classes even start will make the transition a lot smoother.


5. Don’t forget to enjoy the last week of summer

Last minute back to school shopping can be stressful, but you’ve still got a chance to grab some great deals. Try setting up alerts on for back to school items like backpacks, notebooks and art supplies. You’ll get notified when an ad is posted, and you can snap up good deals just before classes start.

Whether you’ve gotten all your back to school shopping done early or you’re just getting started, don’t forget to relax and take some time to appreciate the last week of summer, which will make going back to school a little more bearable. If you’ve got some time, consider an overnight camping trip or a big sleepover to send summer off with a bang.


With these tips, we’re hoping back to school can be a stress-free time for you, your kids and your budget. Do you have other budget-friendly back to school tips to make this time of year a little more fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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