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Used Halloween costumes for kids, our top picks this year

Not the type to plan your Halloween costumes in June? What’s wrong with you? Just kidding!

Kids get excited to dress up even when the costume is super easy for you to throw together and of course, there’s not a child out there that cares if their costume is used! They just want to look awesome.

Best place to buy Halloween costumes? Particularly used Halloween costumes that spare the wallet and the landfill? On your local site of course! Most of the costumes listed have only been used once, i.e. last year!

To find the best used Halloween costumes, search early in the season. Head to the Costumes category, which is in the Clothing category and scroll. You can also use our search tool and look for certain keywords such as: Halloween, Halloween costumes, costumes, Frozen, Elsa, Batman and so on.

Price-wise, costumes on our sites run at approximately a quarter of the new price.

Here are a few of our ideas that are nice and simple. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Our ideas utilise props and garments you can make easily or find used.

Used kids’ Halloween costumes from the sites.

Black vampire cat

This is about accessories. Dress your wee one in all black and add a tail, ears, whiskers and fangs. We found cat costumes on our sites for around $20 and accessories for on average, $5.

Knight costume

Even if you’re not crafty, it’s easy to cut the shape of a sword and shield out of cardboard and paint them grey or silver. This, added to a simple crown and plain pants and tunic, creates a knight. Alternatively, search our sites’ costume category for “knight,” we found several kid’s knight costumes (tunic, helmet, sword and shield) with an average price of $12.

Superheroes and characters

Our sites are alight with superhero costumes and well known character costumes at a fraction of the cost of new. Spiderman costumes for just $10, Batman costumes for $15, so many Buzz Lightyear costumes for on average $10, Cars costume, $10 and so many more!


You can be a zombie anything. Just find some clothes that you are prepared to wreck and add some makeup and fake blood.


Truly stumped for ideas? Then our advice is this: take to the sofa with your favourite snacks and scroll through your local site! Here are some of our favourite finds this year: this genius kid’s octopus costume, this beautiful toddler unicorn costume – just $10, a Darth Vader costume, $20, this $10 Power Ranger costume, a Despicable Me costume for $20, and this, the cutest Fez monkey costume you ever did see for just $5! And yes, there are still lots of Frozen costumes available on some of our sites!

There are also quite a lot of wanted ads in our Halloween costume listings so if you have last year’s hanging around, get it listed on your local site and make some money back!

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