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January Collective Blog: Eco-Minded Businesses

Green is the new black! What could be more elegant than a beautiful dress that also displays your commitment to eco-friendly, local and sustainable businesses? We asked our Community Coordinators to share their favourite green businesses with you. The following places have made a large impact in their communities, so stop by when you get the chance!


Ottawa – EcoEquitable

Chosen by Lisa.

You know that elegant dress we mentioned? EcoEquitable Inc is the place to go for that! It’s a fabric and notions shop in Ottawa that inspires with their commitment both to the environment and to the community. EcoEquitable Inc sells new, used and vintage fabrics and notions that have been diverted from landfills by donors. This boutique and registered Canadian charity also teaches sewing classes and provides temporary employment to immigrant and underemployed women. Since opening in 2002, EcoEquitable has diverted tens of thousands of metres of fabric from the trash and used small-scale textile recycling to provide employment opportunities and skills training to hundreds of immigrant women in Ottawa. And their fabrics are just $2/metre!


PEI – Holland College Green Machine

Chosen by Alicia and Lorenda.

Started in early 2012, this program brings together students and staff committed to promoting sustainability. They have worked with students on campus and partnered with the Tourism and Culinary Centre, the Sierra Club and the David Suzuki Foundation to raise awareness and set an example of how sustainable practices benefit the community. They also share some great tips of how each and every person can become more sustainable on their Facebook page.

Vancouver – Our Social Fabric

Chosen by Laura and Suzanne.

Based in Vancouver, the non-profit organization, Our Social Fabric, aims to recycle excess fabric from manufacturers, the movie industry, and more. Some of their more famous suppliers include Westport Manufacturing, Lululemon and Mountain Equipment Co-op, so you’re bound to find something great at their monthly sales. Wouldn’t you like to try making your own yoga pants? The amazing collection found at Our Social Fabric is just waiting for your next project!

Victoria – The Good Planet Company

Chosen by Carly.

When I think of a local environmentally conscious or “green” company, the first name that comes to mind to most Victorians is The Good Planet Company. And why wouldn’t it? They sell almost every eco-product you can imagine and all products promote a sustainable lifestyle…they even sell self-sustaining electronics! While assisting customers in leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, they also support other local green businesses through retail space opportunity.  Housed right inside their store is The Green Kiss Beauty Bar, a great local company that offers safe, all natural makeup and skin products. Local and green, what more could you ask for?


Nanaimo – Regional Recycling

Chosen by Amy our Vancouver Island North Account Representative.

Next time you hear of a school washing cars to raise money, suggest that they contact these guys! Instead of hosing down your car (which I’m sorry to say isn’t the most environmentally friendly thing to do), why don’t you collect all the bottles you’ve been collecting for way too long and suggest a bottle drive? Regional Recycling has partnered with numerous schools to develop recycling programs, such as a bottle drive to raise funds, and competitions focused on keeping trash to a minimum. They even pick up those electronics that you can’t sell on because they’re just a little too broken!


So you see, green really is the new black. It doesn’t matter whether you ask the ladies at EcoEquitable to help you with making a dress or  whether you make your own from materials found at Our Social Fabric, there are a thousand ways to become more eco-friendly and help make a positive impact in your community.



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