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I Spy: Mission Impossible 3’s BMW i8

BMW i8 Concept

So if any have you have seen the new Mission Impossible 3 movie, you might be able to guess my new, completely un-practical, object of desire… the BMW i8. Besides the drool worthy exterior aesthetic of the i8, it has been developed with some radical changes from your traditional sports car. Get this it’s a hybrid! It gets 94 mpg (miles per gallon), and on a full electrical charge it can travel 35km on electric power alone. Couple this with the fact that seats four and canĀ achieveĀ 0-100km/h in under 5 seconds, I’d say we’re looking at an insane new sports car that’s actually useable in everyday situations (just don’t look at the price tag).

In the spirit of all things spy, I have also managed to find some very cool “spy-related gear” on our sites:

Light-up Spiderman mask via UsedRegina


Paintball gun (don’t tell Mom!) via UsedOttawa


iPhone 4~ Extremely important in MI3 via UsedVictoria

With this gear and some Tom Cruise-like moves, who needs a car? (Me. I need this car. Donations accepted)

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Scott Pettit

If it holds more than 2 people, it’s not a sports car. Just sayin’


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