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Cheap chevron wall art

So I moved into this room back in September… I know, it’s embarrassing how bare it is. The sad thing is I have about 10 posters that I could put up, but all of them are from my university days, and a little part of me wants to believe that I am now more mature than that (ha!). Enter my cheap trendy wall art attempt, which was originally from Jess at Makeundermylife. In magazines, this type of wall art is usually placed on white walls, but I’m using some of my own personal preference for neon colors, that will hopefully jazz up my ‘butterscotch pudding walls’.

my bare walls

And begin. Materials you will need:

– Easel able to withstand acrylic paint (Choose your size)

– Painters tape, any width you desire

– Scissors

– Design (here is the Chevron design)

– Your color choice of spray paint or regular acrylic paint (make sure to get one not meant for rust or the outdoors)

Step 1: Print out your Chevron stencil, or any stencil of your choice

Step 2:  Use pins and poke holes around the points of the Chevron. *Note use the painters tape that you have, and tape it onto the design first, as different widths make things tricky!

taping & pinning the Chevron design

Step 3: Cut and tear the tape so it fits into the design. Continue all the way down the canvas, be patient, it’s harder than you think!

Step 4: Go out side and spray paint over the taped canvas. Hold the spray paint 20 cm from the canvas, and go in slow even strokes. Otherwise you’ll end up with big paint spots.

all spray painted & ready to dry

Step 5: Take off tape and admire!


Recent UVic graduate, stumbling my way through life. I love all sports, the outdoors, and palm trees! Hidden party talent- "the worm"

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