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Remember the Parisienne?

This week’s car pick is a beautifully restored 1965 Pontiac Parisienne. This car is the brainchild of the Canadian marketing geniuses at Pontiac (GM). For years Pontiac was never a top seller in Canada, due to high fuel costs, and large initial price tags. This time around, Pontiac actually built the Parisienne on a average Chevrolet chassis and drivetrain, with luxurious details, and only for a little bit more than the average Chevrolet. The result was widely successful, and produced 5 generations of the car. Another fun fact, the Parisienne is the Canadian only model, while in the US it was called the Bonneville. Obviously we had the much better name! The result below is a custom ‘candy green’, Parisienne, that has been beautifully restored. Showcasing the original luxury in its upholstery, flashy exterior chrome accent pieces, and its ability to be both a hardtop and a convertible, this gem is a beautiful Canadian classic.

1965 Pontiac Parisienne


This retro convertible reminds us of  simpler times back in the 60s, when one could simply cruise around to the local drive in burger joints and theaters without a care in the world. Sigh. So today, I have found a bunch of retro goods that are sure to jog your memory and bring back some easy-going memories. Relax, man.

from left to right: CocaCola trays via UsedPeivintage vibrating belt machine via UsedOttawa1960s pole lamp via UsedRegina, vintage pop bottles via UsedCalgary

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nice car can i have it plz lol joke



Bought a 1982 Parisienne for $2200. Great car. ran it into the ground over the 4 years I owned it. Wish I had looked after it better.


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