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Ford Mustang: The Ultimate Muscle Car

Today’s pick can’t get much tougher on city streets (that is, legally, of course.) Muscle cars are on the brain, and  so we’re showcasing a mint 1965 Ford Mustang GT350 Fastback. This legendary car was one of the first in the Ford line-up to spawn the creation of future muscle cars. It was originally named after the P-51 Mustang fighter jet, and allusions of the Mustang horse thus followed suit, and developed into the brand that is the Mustang. Many loved its classic look: the short trunk, 2 doors, long hood, stream-lined body, and most of all its reasonable price of $2589 back in 1965 (without any add-ons). With 225 horsepower and a V8 engine, this car got attention both on city streets and at the totally ‘legal’ starting line of many amateur races.

1965 Ford Mustang GT350 Fastback via UsedVancouver

But it’s not enough to just own a muscle car, you have to make it look like you belong in it as well. Below I have compiled a few “necessary items” for the muscle car owner. A shiny key chain, hopefully emblazoning the Mustang emblem or the Mustang horse (my personal favorite). The ‘bad boy’ leather jacket, revealing to everyone that you are tough as nails, and have great style. And finally a cowboy hat, paying homage to the Duke’s of Hazzard boys and Smokey, from Smokey and the Bandit.


from left to right: shiny keychain via UsedVictoria,”bad boy/girl” leather jacket via UsedOttawa, cowboy hat via UsedCalgary






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I think this one is a clone. Nice looking car but not a true GT350.


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