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Herb and chili infused olive oil DIY

Herb & Chile Infused Olive Oil by Squirrelly Minds on

Creating your Christmas DIY list? Why not make something for that culinary aunt or friend of yours with this super easy and fun gift! Homemade infused oils only take minutes to put together and make a great gift for food lovers and anyone who loves to cook. Many different items can be used, including fresh herbs, whole spices, chilis, garlic, citrus, etc. Combined with a pre-loved, vintage bottle, this is the ultimate DIY for Christmas
Herb & Chile Infused Olive Oil by Squirrelly Minds on

  • Glass bottles
  • Bottle stoppers
  • Olive oil
  • Infusing ingredients (see list above)
  • Funnel
  • Rolling pin

Make the oil one week before gifting.
Sterilize all bottles: it is important to do this as infused oils risk bacterial contamination. Always start by washing the bottles with warm, soapy water, then follow your favourite sterilizing method, such as using the oven, or a boiling water bath.
Wash all your ingredients and leave to dry completely.

Making the oils
For herbs: run a rolling pin over the herb sprigs to bruise the leaves and release the flavours. Place one to three sprigs in bottle
For citrus: use a citrus peeler and place three to four large ribbons or peel in your bottle
For spices: no preparation needed. Do not grind spices. Use whole spices only
For chilis: place whole chilis and/or chilis cut in half lengthwise into your bottle.

Sealing the oils
Use a funnel to pour the olive oil in the bottle. Ensure the oil covers the ingredients entirely to avoid mould, then firmly seal with a bottle stopper. Shake the bottle every day for one week. When ready for use, oil must be stored in the fridge and used within a week.

And of course, you can make your gift even more unique by using recycled or vintage bottles! Luckily for you has tons. Click here to search your local site for antique bottles


What will you infuse your oils with?

Tan Rutley, a teacher/blogger/maker/hugger, is the creator of Squirrelly Minds where she shares DIY creations, recipes, and more to make your life pretty and fun. Her mind never stops thinking, planning, and making (squirrelly mind, get it?) and her projects nearly always leave her covered in glitter or flour. Sometimes both. Tan is an island girl living in Canada's west coast with her husband and overly fluffy kitty Lucy.

4 Responses to “Herb and chili infused olive oil DIY”

Epicure Ranch

It’s important to note that one should only use DRIED herbs if making infused oils at home. While commercial producers have the facilities and process knowledge to use fresh herbs safely, the risks of botulism, which is almost impossible to detect are high.

Dried herbs are perfectly safe, and if you do the drying yourself and bundle them for the bottles beforehand, they should look equally beautiful…but at the end of the day, it’s all about the flavour.

You should be safe with vinegars, as it is acid that is the specific issue involved.



    Thank you taking the time to comment!




Zbigiew Blott

You should NEVER use any fresh herbs, spices, infuse oils. The moisture content of these ingredients will provide an ideal medium for the growth of mould and botulism-a harmful and potentially lethal substance!


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