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Free printable t-shirt design

Free Printable T-shirt Design on by Squirrelly MindsIron on transfers give us a ton of opportunities to personalize. Meaningful quotes are one of my favourite ways to add personality to objects like totes, dish towels, or in this case, t-shirts.
This anonymous quote is a simple reminder to remain mindful and environmentally aware:
Free Printable T-shirt Design on by Squirrelly MindsDownload the free design here and print it onto iron transfer paper. You can then choose to iron it onto a t-shirt or any other item. You can also choose how you want to place it. You can leave it as is – three horizontal lines. You can cut up each word and place them across your item for one sentence, or you can place each word on top of each other to form them in a single row.
Free Printable T-shirt Design on by Squirrelly MindsFor my t-shirt I chose to keep it in the three lines and ironed it on the bottom side. Something to be mindful of – iron on transfers tend to leave a slight discolouration wherever there is blank space. For this reason I suggest cutting each word or line out separately and curve around the letters to have as little discolouration as possible.
Free Printable T-shirt Design on by Squirrelly MindsGrab the free printable and spread the word!
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