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Getting Warm and Fuzzy for the Cause: Movember 2011

Mike, Jake, Jose, Peter & Jordan are Team Used Moustache

Last week I asked our Facebook community if they were planning on growing moustaches for Movember. Turns out a lot of them are participating one way or another. And so it seemed only logical to ask the guys here in the office to do their part. And so I present to you team Used Moustache!  Best. Name. Ever. Right? Check out those fledgling moustaches! Not too shabby, considering we’re just out the starting gates of week two!

If you want to support Team Used Moustache please feel free to donate! Those of us here in the office unable to grow mustaches will be sure to do our part, as well!

Help us support this cause by donating to your favorite team member below, or by making a donation to the entire team. If you’re feeling particularly hirsute, you can also sign up and join our team!

Check back here for the weekly progress report!

Can you match which teeny-weeny moustache goes with which team member? *Hint* One of the moustaches pictured might be fake…

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