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Expert tips: create a trending ad



Our trending ads showcase the most popular ads on our sites. If your ad hits the trending ad spot, it’s shown on every page on our sites and is guaranteed even more views. Want to know our insider tips for creating a trending ad? They’re right here:


Our trending ads are measured by the number of views, the number of times users favourite an items and the number of times the ad is shared by email. Incidentally, pageviews are the most important factor, so you can email your ad listing to your whole contact list, but if it’s up against ads which list in demand items or have great descriptions and photographs, it won’t be enough.


Seasonal items

Look at trending ads in summer months and you will see boats, kayaks and other outdoor equipment. That’s because these are highly desirable items at this time of year. The same goes for Christmas decor in early December and Halloween items in October. If you sell by season, you’re guaranteed more interest.

In demand

On any given day you will see a rental property in our Victoria website trending ads. That’s because great rentals are in high demand on Vancouver Island. The same goes for cars and trucks on Regina. Take a look at what’s trending in your area from time to time, chances are recurring items will always trend.


If something is a great deal, people will view it and often, share it. A reasonably priced item always makes for a quicker sale. And word to the wise, not a week goes by where a free item doesn’t make our trending item list.

Nothing beats a great ad

Great images and a smart write up make a great ad and it’s the great ads that hit those trending positions. The funnier the ad, the more likely people will share it, take the out Ottawa website listing for a simple IKEA mattress, this little quip caught the eye of many and we spotted it shared on Facebook several times, “My mother in law even got a good night sleep on it, and she doesn’t like ANYTHING.” Don’t be afraid to add personality; give your couch a name and a quirky write up.


Great looking images that really showcase your item for sale make a HUGE difference when it comes to pageviews. Use the tips in this blog post to create photographs that really catch people’s eyes. As with the description, being fun and quirky helps. A few of our trending ads have included images of people “presenting their ads” like these two groovy users below!


Sharing your ad on social media means more people will see it and hopefully share again or click through to take a look at the ad. Remember more views equals more chance of it trending. Want people to share your listing on social media? Then ask them! If you are sharing your ad on Twitter remember to tag us and we will retweet for you.

Friendship matters

Ask your friends to view your ad, share your ad and favourite your ad.


Great ads = free upgrades

Now you have the tools, we look forward to seeing your next ad trending on our sites! If we love your images or ad description, we might just give it a free ad upgrade. We are always on the look out for great ads to boost!




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