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DIY pet projects

If you have pets, you know that they can be incredibly difficult to shop for. Cats prefer the box that their new scratching post came in, and dogs always choose shoes over squeaky toys. Instead of buying new toys that don’t impress, why not make them for free?

Our Ottawa Community Coordinator, Christa, loves finding new ways to repurpose used items. In her last project she showed us her tips on rejuvenating stained clothing, and now she has some ideas for those old clothes you don’t wear anymore.

For example, say your company changed their logo a number of years ago and in the supply closet you come across a box of old and off brand t-shirts. What do you do? Well, you would obviously make a cat tent.


T-shirt cat tent DIY

  • Cut out a square piece of cardboard to use as a base
  • Take two wire coat hangers and cut off the hooks
  • Bend the wires to make an igloo shaped frame and tape the tops together
  • Attach the hanger frame to the corners of the cardboard by poking a hole through the cardboard and securing the wire on the other side with tape or by forming a hook from the hangers
  • Pull the shirt over the frame and secure any excess fabric with safety pins or by stitching underneath
  • Place another shirt or piece of fabric over the cardboard base for extra comfort

Will your cat love it? Possibly.

No one can make any guarantees when it comes to satisfying cats, but it sure does look cute if and when they decide to use it.

vhew toy

T-shirt chew toy DIY

Old t-shirts weaved together make the perfect sacrificial offering to dogs.

  • Take two or three shirts and cut each of them into long continuous strips of material
  • Tie one end of each strip on to something sturdy like a railing and start weaving them together
  • Leave long tassels on the end of the weaved section and tie tight
  • Untie the material from the railing and tie it together securely so it doesn’t unravel

#FureverHome Friday is proud to announce we’re helping with the BC SPCA and humane societies in PEI and Regina. Now, pets from these shelters can be found on our sites in the pets section.

Every Friday we’ll be showcasing pets in need of adoption on our social media channels with the hashtag #FureverHome.

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