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Cross that one off the list: A pair of tub chairs

I have a list. Do you have this kind of list? A short list of items that you’re always searching for on UsedEverywhere – waiting for the perfect listing at a decent price.  Even if you’ve logged on to look for something else you’re still gonna’ scour the ads and see if one of those items is available. Well, I’m happy to say that this week I can finally cross one of those items off my list: a pair of old tub chairs!

Picture from

I’m so excited about these two. First of all, a pair of chairs is harder to find, but sooo worth the hunt. A pair of chairs can add symmetry to a room and look great in any furniture arrangement – perhaps sitting opposite a couch, or flanking a fireplace.

Photograph by Roger Davies for Cottage Living

What makes these chairs even better, though, is their rounded shape. Rounded chairs can “float” in a room – they don’t need to sit against a wall. In fact, they can go in front windows, or fireplaces, or even entryways without feeling like they’re blocking anything.

Design by Muse Interiors

Design by Victoria Hagan

They can sit in a corner naturally, create ease of flow if placed at the ends of a dining table, or make a great desk chair because they’re even pretty from the back.

Design by Sarah Richardson, Photograph by Stacey Brandford

I’m especially fond of the chairs I’ve purchased because of their low back, which makes them even less obtrusive. Their lower height allows sightlines beyond them.  In our condo they’ll sit just in front of our balcony, so it will be nice to see past them, and let more light in than the loveseat that’s currently there.

Design by Samantha Pynn, Photograph by Virginia MacDonald

Photograph by E. Spencer Troy for Sunset Magazine

For now my chairs are in good enough shape, but I’ve got big plans for them. So, excuse me while I go online shopping for the perfect upholstery fabric…

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