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Christmas Countdown: Gift Ideas from Used

[portfolio_slideshow size=full slideheight=200 navpos=disabled] German Christmas pyramid via UsedSurrey

Why just buy a Christmas gift when you can buy a Christmas heirloom? Not only does it sound more impressive, it generally is. Clearly not every gift can be an heirloom. Chances are your sister isn’t going to hand  down the bath bombs you gave her last year to future generations. So, what does make a good Christmas heirloom? Why, a handmade German Christmas Pyramid, of course. And it just so happens that a talented Swiss ex-pat now living in Surrey BC handcrafts them and sells them on! He caters to the local market, but he’ll also ship it your door. At $65 it will set you back more than a bath bomb, but we both know you can do better than fizzy bath water. And it’s a whole lot cheaper than traveling to Germany!

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