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Children’s bike exchange program



At we love hearing about great people doing great things in communities across Canada! An ad for Re-Buy-Cycle was recently trending on and we noticed our users sharing it on social media so we wanted to share it, too. Re-Buy-Cycle is a free children’s bike exchange program located in Victoria and run by three awesome guys named Rob, George and Rob. They started the program after realizing that outfitting kids with bikes can be expensive and in some cases cost prohibitive. They wanted all kids to be able to ride and started out by donating bikes to The Cridge Center for the Family and have since opened their program up to the public.

The program is simple: if you live in the Victoria area and your child has outgrown their bike, bring it to the shop at 1330 Finlayson and exchange it for a different model (the bike has to be under 20″). If your child does not yet have a bike, no problem! Visit the shop to pick one out and your kid can ride away! Once she/he has outgrown it, donate it back to the exchange and get a new bike! There is no charge to participate in the program and there are many different bikes available. Of course, if you have any old kids bikes lying around your garage you can donate them to the program and Re-Buy-Cycle will tune them up and get them ready for the road! The bikes can be well-worn and the staff at the shop can tune them up so they are like new! Our Community Manager Carly donated two bikes that were in very rough shape and the shop assured her they would be able to bring them back to life.

Re-Buy-Cycle is also in the process of moving to a new location and there are trying to raise money for the expansion. If you have the ability, please visit their Indiegogo page and donate what you can.

Such a worthy cause to get involved in and a great way to recycle items that can be reused and loved by numerous kids! Be sure to check like their Facebook page and let your friends and family know!



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