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Cheap garden ideas: green your green thumb

It’s time to come out of your cave and get ready for spring! Your garden calls for attention and some time outside will restock your vitamin D. Avoid toxins and save your budget from an unexpected buying splurge by incorporating upcycled materials into your garden. Take a look at these great DIY projects to spur your imagination.



No need to wait until the warm weather to begin planting. Extend your growing season by adding a greenhouse to your garden. You can save money by building your own from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles or old windows. And don’t ever think that building restrictions can keep you from protecting your plants from wind and harsh weather: Just build a cold frame. You’ll need old pallets, windows and a creative spark. These images should ignite your imagination, so head on over to your local site to find building materials!

Pallet planter

You can easily find free pallets and turn them into anything from a garden hammock to a planter box. You’ll have to take them apart, come up with a plan and then watch out for your fingers as you nail the panels together. Check out our pallet planter DIY tutorial for more details and a video of the process. And always remember, only use pallets with the HT and DB symbols as those marked with MB have been fumigated.



Garden path

No skills necessary for this project! Create a path for your garden from pretty much any materials you can find. Old bricks, wood or pallets all work and are often given away for free on your local site! You’ll have to dig around your yard a little to make sure your path stays in place but other than a shovel, you won’t need anything to build your own garden path.



Garden decor

In the end, the sky is the limit. If you find a pallet planter too simple just roam through your garage or local site and give old items a new purpose in life. Anything can be repurposed and upcycled if an idea strikes you and makes for amazing garden or balcony decor. For a challenging project, you could always replace the pictures on your wall with a vertical garden. It doesn’t matter how small your apartment may be, this garden takes up less space than the flowers on your windowsill!



Bird feeder

Keep the birds coming back! Robyn shared her 15 minute recipe for a DIY teacup bird feeder. Just mix all the ingredients and place in a teacup or other containers that looks great in your garden. It really doesn’t get easier than this and you’ll wake up to gently chirping birds every morning.


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