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5 original, super great, pre-loved gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is THIS Sunday. If you haven’t knit him a tie or papier-mâchéd a bust of his likeness, you’re seriously running out of time to give the dad in your life the thoughtful gift he deserves. So, put down that “Kiss the Cook” BBQ apron and please tell me you weren’t seriously going to buy him a Starbucks card… Be original! Reduce, reuse & recycle! Give your cash to your neighbour instead of that big bad big box store! Here are some unique gifts for dad we found on our Used Sites:

Vintage tackle box via UsedOttawa

You want dad to look cooler than all the other fishermen, right? Nothing says street (water?) cred like a fully stocked tackle box from the 60’s – back when fish were fish.

Customized beer fridge via UsedVictoria 

You COULD get him a custom, air brushed beer fridge… Yep, you sure could.

Vintage Cruiser built for doubling (romantic)! via UsedVictoria

Come on, how great would the daddy-o in your life look on a cool vintage bike? Pretty cool.

Superman cufflinks via UsedVictoria

Super Dad deserves monogrammed cufflinks. Enough said.

Metal vintage tabletop hockey players via UsedToronto

For the hockey fan/vintage collector, these classic tabletop figurines are very, very cool.

So, there you have it. Can’t you just hear him now– bragging over the phone when he calls all the other dads to compare gifts. Dads do that, right?

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You’re darned right that Dads do that. Mine got right on the phone and told his brother (my uncle) and said that what I gave him was the best gift yet – and so original. I don’t have the heart to tell him I found it online on usedeverywhere. Suspect he wouldn’t believe me anyway. Ha.


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