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There is no doubt that Luv-A-Rug Services Inc. has become the best known and most loved authentic area rug washing company on Vancouver Island.

Their skill, knowledge and ability to appraise, restore & repair rugs to look like new again have become almost legendary.

Luv-A-Rug not only understands the strengths, weaknesses, history and construction of rugs but they’ve also built special equipment for their industry to clean rugs without compromise.
Their method of washing rugs never exposes your rug to someone else’s filth by putting it in a tub with other rugs and endangering it with chemicals like Dichlor (chlorine bleach).

Instead, they wash rugs one at a time, from the front, back and all the way through using only fresh water and gentle cleaning solutions that are safe for rugs. (Be sure to ask for a tour to see how authentic rug washing is really done!).

Luv-A-Rug’s process is so amazingly efficient they can confidently promise “You’ll fall in love with your rug all over again.” And if the massive amount of their 5-Star Google reviews is anything to go by, Luv-A-Rug has been living up to their promise.

But washing and restoring rugs is not all they do. They are continually finding new and creative ways to help their community.

“Many times,” says Dusty Roberts, Team Leader at Luv-A-Rug, “people have rugs in their home they no longer like, want or have room for. Instead of seeing them dumped into the landfill, we love to take those rugs in as long as they are in good condition. We’ll clean & repair them for free then donate the rugs to schools to use in their classrooms or charities so they can sell them to raise funds.”

Another example of Luv-A-Rug’s charitable action was when the teachers of School District 61 disputed their Division’s decision to have custodians clean classroom area rugs anymore. Luv-A-Rug immediately stepped in and cleaned those area rugs all for free (a $90,000 value). They’ve also helped the SPCA, Habitat for Humanity, WIN and even Syrian Refugees.

With charitable acts like these, it’s no wonder Luv-A-Rug is the most LOVED area rug washing company on Vancouver Island.

To have your rugs restored to look so beautiful “You’ll fall in love with them all over again”, bring them to Luv-A-Rug at 445 Beta Street between 6am-1:30pm Tuesday to Friday and Saturday between 8am-3:30pm.


Then use your mobile phone to text your name and a picture of your rug to (778) 533-7847 and Dusty Roberts will personally respond to you!

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