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Window shopping: what’s on UsedOttawa for outdoor play?


One of my family’s favourite outdoor toys!

We’ve had a rather kooky start to Spring here in Ottawa. We’ve had both sides of the weather coin – both hot and cold – and it has taken its toll on our front hall closet which is currently buckling under the pressure of multiple seasons of hats, gloves, umbrellas, boots, sandals, and coats of all kinds. But I’m not here to talk about our closet (a post for another day perhaps?), I wanted to shop UsedOttawa and talk about getting outside with the kiddies. Because now, my friends, is the time to do it… shop that is!

First thing’s first. Did you know that there is a Playground Equipment category on UsedOttawa? Yessir there is, and it’s not restricted to equipment per se. The content of this category is much broader than the title implies.

Here are a few of my current picks from this category, all things that will (hopefully!) encourage kids to get outside for some fresh air.

Please note, some of these items may be sold by the time you click!

  • Playhouses like this one – I think a playhouse is one of the best toys to encourage free-form dramatic play. And they are not just for girls either! Boys enjoy them just as much.
  • Sand and water tables like this one – I wish these had been around when my kids were younger, I know they would have loved it. Throw in some small shovels, cups, dinky cars, plastic dinosaurs and you have hours of play. This water wheel table from Step 2 looks pretty good too.
  • There are all kinds of play structures on UsedOttawa right now too – big and small. Look at this one. (!) My kids would die if we had something like that. Here’s a smaller one from Step 2 too. Regardless of what kind of play structure you are looking for, keep in mind that this is a big “buyer beware” category. Please make sure you inspect play structures carefully before you purchase anything.
  • Ride-on toys are a must-have this time of year. Check out this cute Red Flyer Trike. (I love the little compartment in the back!) We have one of these Plasma cars, and the kids still use it. Talk about play value!
  • I adore this sand box. We had this exact same one and it was very sturdy, not to mention the perfect size for toddlers. Having a sandbox with a lid is a must. It prevents the sand from getting soaked in the rain and thwarts the neighbourhood cats who are determined to use it as a litter box. (Ew.)

What are you guys playing with nowadays? I’d love to hear about your favourite outdoor toys!


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My daughter’s was her pogo-stick. My son’s, a bike. Mine was a sheet and clothes pegs to drape it over bushes and make a tent!


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