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Make your own “classroom cards” for Valentine’s Day

My kids are older now, so we no longer find ourselves working the assembly-line of Valentine’s Day cards late into the night on February 13th. But we used to, a LOT, because even though it was challenging to pull off sometimes, I still believed that homemade cards were worth making.

Oh sure, you can find cute cards at the store nowadays, but I still think that getting out the red and white craft supplies is an exercise that’s worth doing. Not only is it good practice for all kinds of things (using scissors, penmanship, spelling, etc.) but I think a homemade card edges out the Scooby-Do and Transformers cards you can pick up at the drugstore.

One of our favourite card designs was this lollipop flower. They’re very easy to make and the kids seemed to like them too.

DIY lollipop flower for Valentine's Day

It’s easy. Begin by taking a trip to Bulk Barn and scooping up a bag of small lollipops.

  1. Download the PDF template and print it out as many times as you need.
  2. Cut out the flowers.
  3. Let the kids go to down decorating the underside with stamps and hearts. You can also cut out green “leaves” for this purpose, tape them to the lollipop “stems” and write the names here.
  4. Punch a hole in the middle of the flower and push the lollipop through.
  5. You are done!

Pretty nice eh? Does your family make their own classroom cards? I’d love to hear about it if you do!

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