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Who Wore it Better?

Eden and I are kind of a running joke in the office. One of the reasons that we were hired was because – beyond both being students built of flesh, blood, and awesome – we couldn’t be more different in our interests and experiences. But, as it turns out, Eden and I share a brain. The number of times we have finished each other’s sentences, spoken as a “we”, and unintentionally wore the same outfit to work (all in the same day), borders on creepy. For at least a day there everyone was calling us “Kayden”; or was it “Keden”?

So last week we decided to embrace our similarities and challenge each other to a “Who Wore it Better” showdown a la celebrity tabloids. If any of you regularly read this blog (or Twitter) you will know that Eden is somewhat of a fashionista, putting me at an obvious disadvantage (see, we are different!). For those of you who don’t know, Eden is on the Left and I (Katie) am on the Right. And here are the results:

The pants – they are both tweed! I swear it!

So, who wore it better?

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6 Responses to “Who Wore it Better?”

Craig Vanderlinden

Too funny.



Mon – Eden, Tues – Katie, Wed – Katie, Thurs – Eden, Fri – Katie



tricky tricky… i’d have to go with Eden on Monday and Tuesday, Katie on Wednesday and Friday. Thursday? Katie, where are your black socks?! It’s a tie, ladies.



Monday -Eden, Tuesday -Eden, Wednesday -Katie (although an additional splash of colour would have been nice), Thursday – Katie, Friday -Eden



hmmm…. monday is eden • tuesday is eden • wednesday is katie • thursday is katie • friday is eden. well done ladies!! next week evening gowns 🙂



Mon- Eden…..Tue-Eden…..Wed-Katie….Thur-Katie……Friday…Tie


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