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Go Online with Your Garage Sale

Summer is almost over, but there is still plenty of time to host a garage sale, especially for those of us who tend to procrastinate and have just started their spring cleaning. But have you ever thought of going online with your garage sale?

Your local Used<City>.com is a great place to advertise your sale to more people than the folks who drive by your signs taped to the neighbourhood lampposts. It’s also pretty great for amping up excitement for your yard sale inventory. We sat down with April and Krystal again, who you may remember from this strategies post, to talk about going online with your garage sale.

April says to advertise your garage sale online, everywhere. Just like we do, get the word out on you personal Facebook and Twitter. Most importantly, advertise your garage sale on your local Used Site in the Community Notices section – there is a special category just for garage sales. “People I know who are avid garage sale-ers will print out all the garage sale listings from for a weekend and cut out the list from the local papers and bring all that with them for the hunt”.

Putting some of the big items you have for sale online isn’t a bad idea either. Like Krystal noticed, it’s typically the same people who shop on our sites who love a good garage sale as well. With your garage sale ad, why not post some pictures of the items you are going to be selling? Generate some excitement for what you are trying to send to a new home! And as Krystal advises, “Sometimes my garage sale ads lead to emails about certain items so people can save time and only come if they know I have something they need.” A great idea!

So get your garage sale online and have the best garage sale in your neighbourhood!

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