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What’s up, Easter?

Earth Bunny Just Chillin' with a Mannequin

Oh hey guys, how was your Easter weekend? For some of you lucky few today is still a holiday, but for the vast majority we’re back to work! At UsedEverywhere we had lots of fun on Friday with Earth Bunny and our Easter Game (which you should check out if you haven’t yet, limited time only people). I celebrated Easter very traditionally on Sunday night by eating lots of chocolate and watching my favourite Easter-themed movie, Critters 2.

That got me thinking. Why the Easter Bunny? Why not an Easter Critter? Or an Easter Bat? Or an Easter Snarf? Does anyone know the answer to this?

For all of you who have to work today like me, I bring to you your pump up, Easter-themed song of the day:

Happy Easter Y’all!

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